Meet Your New Pharmacist: Dr. Nancy Ross

Have you been downstairs yet to meet us? MS-Rx pharmacy opened the doors on July 16th, and we have received a warm welcome from both staff and patients alike.  My name is Dr. Nancy Ross, and I have a mixed background that includes retail, hospital, and specialty pharmacy experience.  I am a certified immunizing pharmacist as well as a compound pharmacist.  I feel that my varied background has really prepared me well for this position.  My personal mission is to ensure each patient gets the most out of their medicine and their pharmacy experience.

Carol Coleman is my pharmacy technician and I have work with her for a number of years. Carol is the pharmacy’s expert in patient copays and financial assistance.  She has met patients here at the Center who didn’t know that their out of pocket costs could be reduced.  We both want to work together with you to help you get the maximum financial assistance available.

Did you know that some pharmacy policies, although they may prefer, are not restricted to a particular specialty pharmacy and are able to be processed and delivered to you by MS-Rx? And this comes with free shipping! Even if they are restricted, we can help with any medication questions or pharmacy delivery difficulties you may have. We can even assist in obtaining prior authorizations and financial assistance EVEN IF you don’t get your medicines filled at MS-Rx, all without charge.

If you haven’t come by, or called and spoken to one of us yet, we encourage you to go so! Learn more on our new website: or call us at 404-856-4810.